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Social Media: New Avenue for Business Marketing

In such a scenario, marketing strategies like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) play a key role in promoting a website and improving its rankings on leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Expand Customer Base With SMO

Social networking sites have become all the rage these days. Today, there is hardly anyone who does not have an account on Facebook or Twitter. A new portal can benefit

immensely from community websites, which can increase its visitor count considerably. SMO is the best way of tapping into the business prospects lying inherent in a community website. This all important technique helps in creating new links and it makes tagging and bookmarking a lot easier. It is common knowledge that an interesting idea or a new offering can spread like a virus on social networking sites. SMO makes possible what is now known as viral marketing. When a company has its profile on top social networking sites wherein its contact details are mentioned clearly for everyone to see, it is likely to have more customers. It isn't difficult to find quality SMO service providers.

There are social bookmarking sites too like Delicious, Digg etc. that allow different companies to generate traffic when they post articles on them

Reach Out to New Age Consumer With SMM

To boost their online presence even further, a lot of companies now launch campaigns that make for social media marketing (SMM).

Following are some of the key SMM services that are known to yield quicker results:

A business first needs to identify the website that will bring it the maximum amount of traffic. Going for sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter normally proves to be a safe bet as they have an unbelievably large number of users. Social media marketing saves an organization a lot of its valuable time simply because once it creates an account on all the popular sites, it can start focusing on other important areas. As businesses practice trial and error, meaning as they try out different marketing techniques, they can figure out the one that suits them the most. Social media marketing is ideal for organizations which know that their prospective customers come online and can be reached out to through the Internet.

To sum it up, SMM management and SMO are bridging the gap between buyers and sellers over the most crucial platform of all, which is the Internet.

About the author: Jack Davison - This article has been written by a technical writer working at SynapseIndia, a SEO India Company offering various promotional services like SMM management services and Affordable SEO Services to worldwide clients.


An organization creates a website to market its products and services online. However, the irony is that the website itself has to be marketed so that it succeeds in drawing the required amount of traffic and makes for a proper online presence. The Internet today is replete with millions of websites.  

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social media

Social Media is listed The Number 1 online activity in the world today! So why does this matter to you…Simple, you must become part of this now, as no doubt most of your customers are already there.

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Despite the great notoriety of online marketing nowadays, traditional marketing methods still have a high success rate and are proven.

With traditional marketing, anyone with a newspaper, mail service, television or radio can learn about your business or service, therefore bringing your product and service directly to potential customers.

We at BlackSky believe, that when Traditional Marketing is combined with Digital Marketing it will raise campaign response rates significantly…find out more


Email marketing is among the most cost-effective marketing tactics available to promote your business. Research shows that 71% of people check their email as the first online activity of their day and 47% as their last. It is very convenient for both parties and offer great variety of designs and customisation. With an Email Campaign you can: Increase traffic to your website; Keep customer in the loop with news about your services and products; It’s generally more affordable than other types of campaigns; It’s fast to set-up & build and fostering relationships…find out more